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Major Votes and Policies Shaping Idaho's Future

There is a real intensity in the air of the statehouse this week. We are certainly on the homestretch of finishing our work for this session. There are still several important budgets and issues to discuss and vote on, so we may still be here into early April. 


The appropriations bill for the Idaho Launch program passed late last week, which is encouraging, given the hundreds of high school seniors in District 35 who have already applied for that grant and will be pursuing in-demand careers in Idaho. One of the stats that most encouraged me as we reviewed that budget was that Only 56% of Idaho Launch applicants are going on to college. This means they are pursuing non college programs that will better prepare them for the workforce. This week, we also worked on a bill H741, which will improve and sharpen the focus of the Idaho Launch program for future high school senior classes. 


On Wednesday, we approved House Resolution 7, honoring representative Sue Chew, who has faced enormous health challenges this year, and will be leaving the body. While I often disagreed with her politically, it was moving to see the entire house stand and applaud her long years of service. It reminded me again how blessed we are to live in this great state, where our citizens believe in, support, and actively participate in our representative form of government. 


One of the most significant votes this week was my “Yes” vote for SJM102. This memorial put the federal government on notice regarding their failures to secure the border, provide a functional guest work program, and reform immigration policies in our nation. These are the kind of policies our Idaho families deserve. 


The pages gave a farewell program on Thursday. It is great to see these young people take part in our government process. I am very grateful for the families who will support their high school seniors’ participation in such a unique opportunity. This may be our final full week in the legislature, though there are a couple trailer and budgets still to be addressed.


Thanks to all the fine families I represent throughout District 35.


Thanks to those who reach out regarding the many different topics we address in the legislature each year.