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Idaho values have worked for me. I was born, raised, educated, and grew a small business in eastern Idaho. I am proud of my heritage and I am committed to bringing my community's conservative, responsible values to the Idaho House of Representatives.

- Josh

Idaho values have worked for me. I was born, raised, educated, and grew a small business in eastern Idaho. I am proud of my heritage and I am committed to bringing my community's conservative, responsible values to the Idaho House of Representatives.

- Josh

We are proud to endorse Josh Wheeler for the Idaho House of Representatives. Josh is extremely smart, and thoughtfully and deliberately approaches every decision he has to make on the Ammon City Council...

Sean & Jessi Coletti

Josh Wheeler is a great community leader. He has a vested
interest in preserving and improving our state legislature...

Allan and Trina Landon

Josh Wheeler is a good man, a successful business owner, father and public servant who has been prepared well to serve our state at this critical time.

Stephanie Mickelsen

It is Josh’s exceptional abilities, intense intellect, and willingness to sacrifice his time for the betterment and service of Idaho that make him the perfect candidate.

Kristi Carlquist

He has the passion and drive to ensure that our voice is heard at the state capitol. Candidate Wheeler is our choice for District 35!

Nate & Heidi Boyle

Josh Wheeler is the definition of authenticity and integrity. His character is consistent under any circumstance and he can always be trusted to do the right thing...

Trent and Leisle Rose

I have known Josh Wheeler’s family for most of my life. Wheelers are some of the hardest working, honest, and most genuine people in Idaho. And Josh follows that same mold! He will bring common sense and conservative values to the Statehouse, which will keep Idaho as a great place to raise a family and run a business. Josh has my full support, and I ask you to give him yours too.

Bart Davis

I have worked with Josh as an Ammon City Councilman for the last two years. Josh is very thoughtful with his questions, which allows him to clearly understand the issues on which he has to make decisions...

Scott Hall

... I’ve celebrated the birth of children with him and cried with him at the loss of one of those same children. The service, leadership, and devotion he dedicated to his family will easily translate into the same for us…the voters of Eastern Idaho.

Jeffrey Bone

Protect and Promote Small Businesses

I am a third-generation family business owner of Wheeler Electric. My wife is a first-generation small business owner of Wholesome Health.

  • I understand the unnecessary hardships that come from excessive bureaucracy and regulation. I will work for strategic deregulation.
  • More than 56% of Idaho workers are employed by small businesses.
  • I will support private/public partnerships.
  • Government officials should listen to business and industry communities. Like Governor Butch Otter said, the government cannot be run like a business but we can and should bring business principles to government.

Elected officials have a responsibility to act with dignity and consideration on the floor of the House, in their own homes, and even with those with whom they disagree.

Strong Families

Low taxes, safe communities, high-quality education, and individual rights create a foundation for raising strong families. As a State Representative, I will:

  • Incentivize creative solutions to provide housing opportunities for first-time or low-income homebuyers.
  • Provide proper funding to local law enforcement.
  • Trust Idaho families to build and maintain their communities. The Legislature’s job is to support and respect their local communities.
  • Keep Idaho the best state in the nation in which to live, work, and raise a family.

I want to restore honor and integrity to the Idaho Legislature.


Schools are more than just educational facilities, they are the center of our small communities.

  • I do not support policies that dismantle our Idaho public education system.
  • I support increased compensation for educators.
  • I strongly support policies that provide career technical education and connect students to the workforce.
  • Vocational and university education should have equal weight and importance.
  • The arts are a critical piece of our educational system.

I believe in our way of life. Idaho values have served me well and I intend to serve my state well. I would be honored to give back to the community and state that has given me so much.

Responsible Growth

Unprecedented growth has revealed weaknesses in our infrastructure, job training, traffic, and has increased strains on our natural resources. I will:

  • Promote predictable tax policy and lower property taxes.
  • Work to ensure that state policies must recognize the importance of local control and provide more flexibility to our local municipalities, county commissioners, and school boards.
  • Be part of finding and creating solutions for 21st Century Idaho, where increased traffic and housing costs are beginning to plague our small communities.

The fiscal conservative principles, low taxes and small government I was raised with make us resilient in hard times, and strong in the good times.

Limited Government

The 2021 Legislative session was a beacon of dysfunction, sloppy government, and outrageous power grabs. Limited government is local.

  • I believe it is critical that the Idaho Legislature remains part-time.
  • The most effective and efficient government is the government that is the closest to the people.
  • I support policies that enable small and growing municipalities to respond to their local issues.
  • Many current elected officials have lost sight of Idaho values and have become enamored with Washington, DC-style power struggles. This type of leadership does not belong in Idaho.
  • I will restore honor and integrity to the state legislature.