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Josh Wheeler Intends to Run for Re-Election to House Seat 35B

For immediate release: Oct 12, 2023
Josh Wheeler
Wheeler for Idaho
(208) 589-2869

We made a decision as a family two years ago for me to leave the Ammon City Council and run for the Idaho Legislature. We were disappointed by the way our representative was voting and embarrassed by his antics. After a hard fought campaign I found myself in Boise representing District 35.

I am proud of what I was able to accomplish in my first term legislative session. We made historic tax cuts including property tax reform. We promoted and protected Idaho’s small businesses with strategic deregulation. As a small business owner I’ve seen firsthand the heavy hand of the government rob Idahoans of their hard earned dollars and present obstacles to the free market. Along with Governor Little we are cutting red tape and helping our main streets flourish.

My time on the Ammon City Council taught me the importance of local control. It’s sad to see how quickly those in the legislature would usurp power that rightly belongs to the locally elected. I believe that the government closest to the people governs best.
When proposals were presented that would dismantle and destroy our public education system I voted no. When opportunities came to better compensate and retain our great teachers and support staff, I voted yes. And when Idaho Launch came forward as a way to help our kids stay here after graduation and find high paying jobs in demand, I supported it. I was proud to support the Career Ready Students program, as a way to improve the pathway for high school students to find opportunities to learn about technical and in demand jobs, and connect to the education that will boost them into that great type of work sooner and stronger.

Representing District 35 has been a privilege and there is still so much work to do. I’ve learned in my career, and in the legislature that it takes time to build. There are opportunities to cut wasteful spending and lower taxes. We can continue to empower parents and ensure they have a say in their children’s education. I will continue to promote pro-family policies in our state’s capitol.

I am running for re-election and asking the voters to let me finish the job we’ve started. There are many who want to take their personal agendas to Boise. I am not an ideological purist who uses the public trust to throw partisan fits and accomplish little to nothing.

There are problems to be solved and if re-elected you can count on me to work together with leaders from across the state and our Governor to ensure Idaho is in the best place to flourish.