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1000 doors or more

We’ve crossed the 1000 door threshold this week. Meaning, that’s the number of people we’ve personally spoken with or delivered campaign literature to so far. Every door has been worth it. The conversations are so encouraging. It’s highlighted to us over and over again how many shared values we have in eastern Idaho, and how many people want more effective representation.
We had some great meet & greets in Ririe and Soda Springs this week. Some good questions were asked, and both evenings were great chances to further clarify Josh’s positions.
Wednesday night was a unique highlight for Josh on the campaign trail. The City Club of Idaho Falls hosted a forum with all the candidates running for office in our legislative district 35. Thanks to some excellent coaching, helpful input from other candidates, and plenty of practice - Josh performed excellently that evening. He did tell Laramie that his heart has never hammered more than it did that night, but he was elated at the results.
If you weren’t able to watch, you can find the archived recording here:
The weather was fantastic on Friday and Saturday, so that’s when the team knocked on another 200 doors.

Early voting starts today! Our path to victory lies in a great turnout between now and May 17th, so please continue to encourage friends and neighbors to show up and vote.
If you are interested in helping with literature drops, texting people to get out and vote, or anything else in this final few weeks, send Josh a note. There will be abundant opportunities to help in this next 16 days.
Thank you for all your support thus far. We’ll keep doing the Idaho values Work.