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We have seen the signs!

We had a couple real high points on the trail this week. On Wednesday, we were delighted to be hosted by Jon & Amy Landers. We had a fantastic turnout and got to have some very meaningful conversations about education, mental health, overcoming extremism, and responsible growth. It was delightful to meet a Hillcrest Highschool junior there, Caleb, who currently serves on the State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board.

Thursday and Friday Josh met some great people and learned more about the state Attorney General’s race. Josh was convinced after a debate on Friday, that Lawrence Wasden is the candidate to back in the race. He truly believes in the rule of law, and telling difficult truths in a professional manner when necessary.

And finally, on Saturday, we were absolutely inspired when we attended a campaign kickoff event for Britt Raybould. She spoke passionately about the good work Idahoans are doing on this side of the state, and the ways in which responsible legislation can support and improve our local communities and the great families here.

Campaign signs have arrived. Feel free to come by and pick some up, or let me know where you would like them delivered to. Thanks to our faithful interns and campaign volunteers for helping us spread the word on Facebook. Having that additional support has already been of great worth. This coming week is chock full of events.

Please invite everyone you can to join us at the Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho Falls this Friday evening at 7 PM. There will be an opportunity to meet multiple local candidates, and hear their thoughts on the important issues in our state.

We continue to find great value in doing the Idaho Values Work!