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Not fooling around

Josh spent several days on the road this week, and got to connect more with the southern part of our district. We had an excellent meet & greet at Inkom city hall on Monday, which is a beautiful building. We got to hear some of the challenges that they face in the Marsh Valley School district, and the effect growth is also having on their community. Big thanks to our hosts.
The next day, Josh visited several of the school administrators with Jon Goode in Soda Springs. We were very encouraged to hear visions about how to handle growth, potential full time kindergarten, and some career technical solutions that will make our kids and communities stronger. That night, Josh was back home in Ammon, where we had a great meet & greet at The Brickyard and spoke with some of our best supporters in Bonneville county.
Thursday morning, Josh was interviewed on the Neal & Julie show on FM 107.9. They asked tough questions, but we felt like the interview highlighted our campaign's strengths. It was an excellent opportunity, and we've heard great feedback about the interview.
This weekend, Josh, Laramie, and the kids knocked on dozens of doors in the Iona and Ucon areas. We are having great reception there, even in the nasty wind! We've just got to do more to connect with more of those voters. We are going to need all of your help! This point was driven home to us when we saw the ads posted below, offering to pay college students almost $1100 a week to go knock doors and hand out flyers for our opponent and other Idaho Freedom Foundation darlings.
We are less than $5,000 away from our original campaign fundraising goal. As we talked about above, we are going to need every penny of that, and probably then some. We are going up against a well funded group of super PACs who have no qualms about pushing every boundary they can. Thank you again to all those who donated early. We welcome every donation possible.
We will be going door to door more this week, in Bear lake, in Caribou County, and in Bannock County. We have voter lists ready for volunteers who can help spread the word in Ammon, Iona, or Ucon. If you can spend even an hour this week, it will help. Just send Josh a note, and he will get the materials and list to you.
We will keep moving forward, doing the Idaho Values Work!