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Into the streets.

After every door we knocked on this weekend, Laramie looked at Josh and said, “It’s amazing - with just a few moments of conversation with good people, we see again the ways in which we are all connected.”
We spoke with our older kids’ principal’s daughter. We spoke with local business owners who have served our families for years.

We spoke with other eastern Idahoans who had gone out into the wider world, and were so glad to come back home. In all of those conversations, we heard the same input over and over: The family unit must be preserved. Make sure our growing communities remain safe, and back the blue.

Recognize that rising prices, soaring inflation, and failed economic policies are increasing the strain on eastern Idahoans. Work to make sure property taxes get solved, and surpluses get returned to taxpayers.

Work so that our local schools are funded, our teachers are competitively compensated, and Idaho students can thrive.
Thursday night Josh presented with Jon Goode to the Caribou County Farm Bureau. They were incredible hosts, and Josh was glad again to be able to speak to the property tax challenges, his supporters, and the importance of family to all of us.

After finishing her state gymnastics competition, my 14 year old was gracious enough to help me address some of the dozens of thank you cards we are sending to donors, supporters, and volunteers. Her calligraphy is pure fun, so please enjoy it.

We picked up another 3% of our fundraising goal this week. We are grateful for the many donors who have chipped in early on. We are catching wind now of more out of state donors that are starting to fund our opponent, so we welcome any dollars coming from the good people of our district. Keep spreading the word.

We will be going door to door more this week, so if you have interest in helping the campaign that way, send Josh a note and he will get you the details. 

We will keep moving forward, doing the Idaho Values Work!