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Chad Christensen's votes hurt Eastern Idaho

Chad’s voting record helps him maintain a nearly perfect score with the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Take a look at what that score costs eastern Idaho: 

Rep Christensen does not support your public schools, or Idaho students:

  • He voted to oppose an enrollment-based funding formula (H723, 2022)
  • He voted against eliminating unnecessary reports & bureaucracy from Idaho schools (H222, 2021)
  • He voted to oppose funding for broadband in Idaho schools (S1333, 2016)
  • He opposed funding for Idaho Career-Technical Education (H295, 2017)
  • He opposed funding for Idaho community colleges (H318, 2021)
  • He opposed funding for Idaho deaf & blind students (H454, 2022)
  • He opposed funding for school lunches & other children’s programs (H634, 2022)
  • He opposed Idaho Kindergarten Jump-Start Program (S1075, 2021)
  • He opposed Idaho school safety (H514, 2016; H665, 2018)
  • He opposed funding for Idaho special education (H388, 2021)
  • He opposed Idaho STEM education support (S1148, 2021)
  • He voted to oppose improved Idaho teacher/classified staff health insurance (H443, 2022)
  • He opposed In-person Idaho K-12 education (H175, 2021)
  • He voted to oppose Lottery funding for Idaho schools (S1365, 2016; H277, 2017; H304, 2021; H607, 2022)
  • He voted to oppose increasing access to Audiology and Speech-language Pathology specialists (H664, 2022)
  • He opposed supporting alternative curriculum at parent’s request (S1046, 2021)

In Idaho, we “Back the Blue,” respect our first responders, and honor our military. They play a critical role in keeping our communities safe, so we can raise strong families. Chad chose to ignore the needs of the honorable men and women serving our state by voting “no” on:

  • Cancer insurance coverage for firefighters (H554, 2016)
  • Covering the costs of Driver’s Licenses managed by sheriffs (H161, 2021)
  • EMS license reciprocity, making it easier for to relocate/work in Idaho (S1281, 2016)
  • Funding Idaho’s Department of Corrections (H690, 2018; H262, 2021)
  • Funding Idaho’s Department of Juvenile Correction (H226, 2015)
  • Funding Idaho’s Military Division & Veteran’s Services (H356a, 2016; S1369, 2016; H227, 2017; H679, 2022)
  • Funding Idaho’s Supreme Court (H576, 2016; H272, 2021)
  • Funding Idaho’s wildfire response & Good Neighbor Authority, which gives us joint management of Idaho’s federal forests (H268, 2015; S1160, 2021)
  • Funding the Idaho State Police (H247, 2015; S1390, 2016; H680, 2018)
  • Funding the Idaho State Police’s work & safety equipment (H205, 2021)
  • Increasing wildfire firefighter differential pay (H588, 2022)
  • Lowering retirement age for emergency dispatchers (voted to return to committee during floor debate; H499, 2022)
  • Nursing license reciprocity, making it easier for nurses to relocate/work in Idaho (S1251, 2016)
  • Using grant funds for EMS vehicles, equipment, training, licensing technology (H561, 2022)
  • Budget for the National Guard (S1394, 2022)

Idaho agriculture remains a cornerstone of our state’s economy. Chad doesn’t understand or support the needs of Idaho farmers and ranchers. He voted “no” on:

Good representation means looking out for District 35 AND Idaho. Chad opposed many measures that would have improved Idaho’s future, and reduced government waste:

  • He opposed creating a uniform financial system for taxing districts to improve public data access (H73, 2021; H367, 2021)
  • He opposed funding Idaho infrastructure (H362, 2021; H401, 2021)
  • He opposed Funding our Controller who pays Idaho’s bills (H249, 2015; H338, 2021)
  • He opposed Idaho Broadband Dig One & Right-of-Way Act (H640, 2022)
  • He opposed funding Idaho’s Statewide Emergency Network (S1370, 2016; H283, 2021; H711, 2022)
  • He opposed increasing fees for nonresident access to state parks (H93, 2021)
  • He opposed protecting consumers from annuity fraud (H79, 2021)
  • He opposed protecting information about critical infrastructure, including cybersecurity programs (H447, 2016; H621, 2022)
  • He opposed a Statewide Broadband Fund (H127, 2021)
  • He opposed workforce training development (S1288, 2016)
  • He voted to oppose a Marijuana amendment that would have made the drug illegal in Idaho, yet still left openings for regulated medical uses. (SJR101)
  • He vacillated on the Patient Protections Bill to ensure patient rights, including access to food and water and in-person visits, even during Crisis Standards of Care. He supported it in committee, but once the IFF had assigned a score, voted to oppose the bill. (H756, 2022)