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Campaign Karaoke Night

This was a week chock full of opportunities to collaborate with hard working people from throughout the state.

We’ve been from Soda Springs to Driggs again this week, talking with multitudes of citizens all over the district. We had great discussions about doing more to trust our local residents, local governments, and local librarians. We’ve heard many thoughts on getting property tax rates under control, about improving the grocery tax credit for Idaho residents, and true conservative values like respecting others, the rule of law, and responsible budgeting and fiscal policy. Josh was grateful for all the families who chose to host meet & greets this week.

Thank you to our volunteers who are working hard to connect our campaign Facebook account to more people in the area. Just one more way to get our Idaho values message out there.

We started putting out campaign signs this week. Thanks to all who have already put up signs in their area, and please let us know of more locations you’d like to see them.

This weekend was wall to wall networking. Josh attended a lunch with Phil McGrane, and was again impressed with his depth of experience, commitment to the state of Idaho, and the hard work he has been doing on his campaign for Secretary of State for more than a year. We also heard from his opponents on Saturday. After that, Phil has our full support.

Friday evening we were delighted to host an event attended by multiple legislative candidates from our area and statewide offices, including Phil McGrane, Speaker Scott Bedke, and State Superintendent candidate Deb Critchfield. It was energizing to hear everyone’s reasons for running, and some of the good Idaho Values Work they’ve been doing for our area while in Boise.

Saturday, Laramie and I were privileged to attend a lunch for Governor Little’s re-election campaign. It was encouraging to highlight the positive steps Idaho has taken, even with the years of challenges we’ve seen during the Governor’s first term. Over the past four years, Governor Little has been tested and Josh hasn't always agreed with everything he's done. He has done the very best he could given the many challenging circumstances. The future here in Idaho is bright.

For these reasons and more, we are happy to support Governor Little in his bid for re-election.

Our weekend ended with attending the Region 7 Lincoln days at Rigby High School. We got to meet a slew of other candidates and hear from many of the statewide candidates. There was singing, there was shouting, and there were sometimes very good presentations made. It was excellent to hear the diversity of views that is inside the Republican party. Laramie said she was impressed at the people who are willing to put themselves out there, even when she didn’t agree with some of their more extreme views.

Overall, it was a great week to network, and we look forward to getting back to talking with more of our voters!

We will keep moving forward, doing the Idaho Values Work!