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A week of excellent opportunities!

Josh was able to attend a campaign kickoff event for Stephanie Mickelsen, a candidate from the new district 32 who we are happy to support. She did an excellent job introducing herself as a woman committed for many years to public service, and someone who understands how different Bonneville County is now, versus the nearly 40 years ago when she started farming with her husband. It was a great event, and we made some excellent contacts with constituents in Bonneville and Teton counties.

Thursday, Laramie and Josh attended a wonderful meet & greet hosted by some friends and neighbors. The conversations we had there were substantive, meaningful, and a great opportunity for us to make our pitch. Afterwards, multiple attendees told us they would be registering and voting for us.

On Friday, Jon Goode and Josh had several excellent conversations with current and former leadership in the Teton County area. They also met Shawn Boyle, a voice for the Idaho Growers and Shippers association, and heard some excellent input about being accessible representatives. Jon and Josh were also each interviewed by BYU-I radio. Look for Josh’s interview Monday on FM 94.3 at 12:40 and again at 6:40. There will be a podcast link later in the week, and we will make it available when we have it.

Friday evening we had a fantastic dinner with candidates from Districts 31, 32, 34, and 35. We heard some great input about Bills currently being worked on in the house, some of the regrettable tactics being used by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and the importance of relationships in the political process. The week was full of incredible momentum.

Thanks to all those that helped with the events we attended this week, and to members of the team who are doing great research behind the scenes. We are at 66% of our fundraising goal, and will keep making the visits and calls needed to get out the word that Idaho Values Work!